Dandy Fop 2

Rich Fancy Folk

Inspired by, but not a direct copy of, Captain Nemo's Automobile from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. It only fits one minifig.

The Dandy Fop Limo

3/4 left facing view

Lego of Extraordinary Minifigs: A bit of a challenge for the scale. I wanted large rear-wheel hubs and a fast-back design with victorian hints.

The Dandy Fops (see the white flying ship model for full description) can also have estates on the ground. Living in luxury as they do, this is an example of one of their extravagant automobiles. Sometimes driving carelessly at high speeds, they roar through their massive estates, or through the country side and urban centers just to show off. If one pulls up to a capital car or building, though, it’s probably pretty serious.

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