Astoundingly clever; judicious and methodical, I am sensitive and perceptive with an eye for delicate and subtle detail. My talents and capabilities are wide; each being intensely researched, studied, practiced and passionately pursued. I create and educate simultaneously, and in so doing, lead.

Some Philosophy

There is a dynamic in the intelligence of things, be they sentient or otherwise. One of my first reactions to the term 'design' is to counter it with the word 'dasein'. I do this for both superfluous and thoughtful reasons. Design Dasein seems to flow off the tongue whether or not the German pronunciation is used for dasein. The other, more thought provoking consideration is that, in German, 'dasein' literally means 'being there'. Design 'being there' in english then takes on many iterations and perturbations of the phrase based on interpretation:

  • Design being there as in a design is present
  • Design being there as in a designed entity is present
  • Design being there as in the presence in some place has been planned or mapped and so forth

Finally, and most importantly in my consideration, there is Martin Heidegger's interpretation of Dasein as 'being in the world.' This is not to say there is a 'being' of some kind in a 'world', but instead a conglomerate phrase understood as a whole. It's a totality concept which I am actually quite comfortable leaving as is in Heidegger's own words: [Dasein is] that entity which in its Being has this very Being as an issue… Dasein seems to be not just the being-ness of being, but that being's consideration of its being-ness. All this, of course, leads to very silly sounding conversation, but such things happen when we dissect and discern to simpler forms.

Disclaimer: I am working on a much more cohesive design for this site that will be driven by the CMS Wordpress. Naturally, I have to do it all my way, which means implementing my own design as a template/theme. Progress is great and continues at a decent pace when I'm not grading, prepping for a show, making art in the first place, working on a client project and/or making the occasional latte. I beg your forgiveness with this current site as it is a quick, but dynamic, hand coded placeholder. The new site is very different, but it will be amazing.




  • world

    FUTRWRLD | Exhibition Book on Living in the Future

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    Caffeine Warning | Valve's Portal 2 In-Game Announcement Mug

  • news

    ACOW: Arts Council Of Washington | Newsletter

  • hazard

    Boy-O-Hazard Poster | All Female Gypsy/Electro Punk Band

  • farm

    Orchard Farms Elementry School Off-Campus Locator Poster

  • pieces

    Peices of 8 | Personal Solo Art Exhibit Poster/Flyer

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    Wizard of Oz Flyer

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    Crscendo | Group Art Exhibit Poster/Card

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    Fringe Festival St. Louis | Personal Solo Art Exhibit Pricing Guide




  • Art K-12
  • UMSL
  • St. Louis MO


  • Studio Art | Sculpture
  • Fontbonne University
  • St. Louis, MO


  • Sculpture
  • Kansas City Art Institute
  • Kansas City, MO


  • Graphic Design Board member for East Central College and St. Charles Community College
  • Rebuilt East Central and St. Charles web design curricula for future-proof, responsive design, and other professional practices
  • Redefined digital imagery classes at each school to emphasize non-destructive editing, and other professional practices


Adjunct Professor

St. Charles Community College

2015 - Present | St. Charles, MO

  • Web Design
  • Digital Art Studio
  • Portfolio Design & Professional Practice
Lindenwood University

2013 - Present | St. Charles, MO

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Internet Fundamentals
East Central College

2013 - Present | Union, MO

  • Web Design I
  • Web Design II
  • Digital Imaging

Private Sector

  • Freelance
    • On-going | dpstudiolab | St. Louis, MO
  • Web Designer
    • 2006 - 2007 | Network Solutions | Belleville, IL
  • Graphic Designer/Metalsmith
    • 2005 | Eureka Forge | House Springs, MO


Graphic design, 3-d design, typography, Branding; Adobe CC: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD (Preview); Web Design (html5/css3), Javascript literate, Usability; Curriculum Design, Presentation Software: Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Powerpoint, Keynote.

Adjunct Duties

Engage, educate & evaluate associate, undergraduate & graduate students in the best practices, history, & techniques of graphic design & image manipulation in the digital age; design for current & future proof web standards of html5 & css3. Effectively educate students on judicious production of their designs into viable, & meaningful layouts & sites. Fully engage students in web design process from conception to completion: project scopes, site maps, wire-framing, design, and implementation.

Private Sector Duties

Conceive & complete engaging, effective, & deliberate material (physical, digital, interactive) based on clients’ identity standards & voice. Research & evidence drive design for consistent user experience, identity presence, & message.


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