Deep Sigh

Deep Sigh

The roll of the thunder

The dark of the room

Flashing bolts of memory match the glowing cloud crowded sky

The dreams are beyond

Known but not seen

Lightning strikes

A life passes by

Rich and full

Nuanced and honest

All because a drop of rain hits the heart

But the wet is wiped away

Dismissed as minor 

Dismissed with denial

For the drop was from the dream

Meant to water and foster 

To grow something to reach and climb

Beyond the storm by through the storm

The dream dampened the heart with that drop

The heart grew with what little it had

But then the wet was wiped away

The heart saw the sun through the storm

Now it shrivels

The heart and the dream

Now it dries

The dream and heart

Now it dries 

With nothing but a deep sigh

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