Style, Etc.


— Paintings, drawings & the like are 2 dimensional
— Sculpture is always in 3 dimensions
— 3 dimensions, in essence, must contain at least 2 dimensions
— In sculpture, I can make anything in as many dimensions as I choose


I wanted an excuse to make anything. The arguments went something like above. I analyzed very basic leves and went to sculpture because it was all encompassing.

This has been my approach to many things, as I have a reductive consideration by which I operate. This means I look at things as they are, and pull apart or construct them with my imagination. I do this to see a structure of what’s actually happening while stripping away any superfluousness. It is a way to get at underlying structure to produce effective work across various media and styles.


The world of nature and civilization contains ripe intricacies and nuances that can be drawn on. Mostly, however, ideas in general have the greatest appeal. Whether guided by a vision or a material, process or object, the idea is core. Many times I start with an idea, even in a physical sense I will begin a creation without regard to the natural course of physics. Core ideas stem from chaos and complexity theory, computer science, historical amnesia, information architecture, toys, and binary.

Common Threads

I’ve been at this just long enough to identify various strands of typical behavior in the creation of my work. I see projects and pieces in my imagination complete to the last detail almost before I finish completely understand the inspiration. It is as if I have done every instance of work in my head with just as much energy as in the physical reality. I sometimes have a sense of completion before the project is even started in actuality.


I tend to take a reductive and simplistic approach. I stay true to the initial inspiration of a project. As an example, if a bottle were to be at the core of a piece, then the bottle’s fundamental shape would stay intact and evident as it is what drove the overall creation in the first place.

Color and extensive decoration only come into play as they can feed into the greater idea as a whole. If color and decoration can create an actual meaningful message, even better. What is more exquisite is if that meaningful pattern has to do with the piece or other pieces as well.


Subject matter is what I make it. I’ve never gone out right to create something on a certain stance. I never want to steer or sway anyone’s opinion or solicit a specific response because I believe those approaches fail regularly. Known as the intentional or effectual fallacies, I try to avoid them.


Art began with me in Legos, I think. It allowed me to make things out of a collection of seemingly random parts. In that grew a desire to be flexible so I wasn’t dependent on just one type of creation. Through young life, I was just making things up and later I began to be more disciplined about it. The conscious decisions were guided by learning about the Great Masters, the Bauhaus and the likes of M.C. Escher.

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