Methods, Etc.

How Ideas May Come

My work continues to take to avenues I don't expect, but all are guided by broad underlying fundamentals. I've established a patterning system which I try to nuance each work with. It's more of catching up with the constant backlog of recorded ideas that keeps my direction consistent.


I stay creative; thinking, drawing and manipulating pieces of the world around me. I surround myself with what I know is intriguing, inspirational, or entertainingly puzzling.

As mentioned, imagination leads the way and this often leads to doodles. The doodles become drawings, the drawings become plans; and the plans are adjusted for material realities but remain focused on the initial concept. Things aren’t always built from the ground up, and as Da Vinci said, “Art is never finished only abandoned.” I usually abandon my art when I am confident it can survive on its own.


Let us not confuse, here, high technology with low. I speak of all technologies; be they a pencil or computer or welder. If I can use it to make something, I will. In a methodological example, I will make a drawing with a pencil, transfer its pattern to be refined via computer so that I can then use either an automated system or manual labor to replicate the refinement into a pattern to be cut in metal or pieced together in some way (CNC milling, 3d printing, etc).


I like things that last. Metals or things with persistent historical perseverance like concrete, plaster or even paper. I’m partial to steel and could never quite consider wood viable, but I use it in simple forms when useful. As for a practice of drawing, I enjoy simple charcoal and paper but also fancy the deep consideration of how computers aid in drawing through minute calculations of equations to produce line or color. Drawing in a virtual realm is almost like drawing with nothing but still creating something.

Meaning of Art

Often I believe Art is what Science would be without that bothersome ‘method’. Creating something called Art means an elevation of a task or practice to a refinement. Considerations of all angles are honed and hammered out, and added finesse of common details with personal flare create Art. There are cliche phrases like ‘unlearning what is learned’, but beyond that it is creating based on conscious instinct. That is to say, many things must operate at the instinctual level both in the viewing and creating of art that the end result leads to a greater revelation beyond common considerations.


Contrary to how everything may read here, I wish to communicate very little with my work. Phrases like, “This is my idea,” or “Here is something to ponder;” or my personal favorites, “What if…” and “Maybe we could…” I certainly give away my interests in my art, but also I want to deliver a puzzle. There are bits in my work that may look decorative, but when scrutinized by a curious mind reveal a hint or something more. If anything, a final thing my work should express is that what the viewer sees is telling them more than they may realize at first.

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