Small Updates

Small Updates


One of the goals of the design of this WordPress template on the back end was to make posting as easy as possible. In a standard design, writing posts and adding images is straight forward. My design breaks from various trends on purpose, and this forces special entry fields when publishing content.


Perusal of the site after launch, and various feedback from visitors and colleagues, allows me to reevaluate existing content for better consumption. I’m recropping or reshooting images where I see fit, and adjusting content for SEO along the way. Some titles of posts or pages may change, but their unique URLs won’t. Bookmarks users have saved won’t be affected.

Discovering also that social media platforms need certain size images in their link previews also necessitates changes.

These changes are about 90% opaque to the end user. I felt it necessary to post about anyway. Also, I am proud of and happy with my site, so I find myself wanting to keep adding to it.

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