Public Works, Etc.

This section includes only feature articles, books, and other media which I have been featured directly. Public Works are existing art works on permanent display, past or present.

Articles & Features

Smaller write-ups exist, but I’ve lost the publications long ago. ‘Lost works’ (see weblog) also exist which by my, or other’s, fault have never been seen again.

  • Missourian  \  Washington, MO
  • Antimotion – FUTRWRLD  \  New York, NY
  • Art St. Louis Website  \  Signs of Time
Public Works
  • George Washington Carver Memorial [With Eureka Forge]  \  Missouri Botanical Gardens  \  St. Louis, MO
  • Old Man River [For City of St. Charles]  \  St. Louis People Project  \  St. Louis, MO