Galleries & Patrons

The nature of my work allows for what may appear to be a single piece to be broken up and distributed. There is an element in all works however that tie them together. I leave my patrons and interested parties to discover these ties on their own, though I do retain records.

Works Sighted

In time, hopefully, this list will become much longer. I have a long term interest in distributing my works because of various materials I use as well as my stylistic choices.

  • ANTIMOTION  \  New York, NY
  • Maryville University  \  St. Louis, MO
  • City of St. Charles  \  St. Charles MO
  • Doyle R.  \  Atlanta, GA
  • Carole L.  \  St. Louis, MO
  • Laura & Philip R.  \  St. Louis, MO
  • Sandra A.  \  St. Louis, MO
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