Vinyl Dolls

Tattooed Figures

Dot Munny Walking 1 & 2
Junior: 4" Vinyl Munny with ink
Senior: 7" Vinyl Munny with ink & fabric

Dot Munny Walking

vinyl dolls

This is Junior and Senior, and they are Walking Dots in 3d form, more or less. While I struggled where to place these works, I ultimately decided to store them in drawings. This is because they are merely an extension of the Walking Dots, yet on a 3 dimensional surface. However, I do treat the entire surface as a whole page. The title comes from a phonetic similarity to ‘Dead Man Walking’.

Like the other Walking Dots, these came about through supplies gathered on a whim, but the ink used is not lightfast enough and will have to change for the vinyl.

Playing with Dolls

Munnys are white vinyl dolls of various style that are sold at various art supply stores (haven’t found them in art/craft/hobby stores in my area yet) that are marketed to the maker communities. They provide toys and tools with them, and even directions on how to soften the vinyl in your oven for better carving. I won’t ever take the Walking Dot Munnys this far, but maybe other sculptures. The Munny creature itself is a human-like bear thing… maybe?

Fade Away

I’ve had a rough time deciding on inks to use. Sharpie works well in a pinch, but the ink eventually purples over time, as can be see in these photos. The cloak on Senior is from an old Technic Darth Vader set that has since been repurposed. As I played around with Junior first to explore how well walking the dots would wrap the shape, Senior stayed blank and looked naked. Senior stayed blank for a while, so I used a safety pin and a long cable tie to cinch it around his neck. Any Munny doll is slightly posable via the shoulder and neck, so that adds some character. Speaking of character, I actively avoid creating facial features via the Walking Dot motif on these. I think it’s mainly because I want the Walking Dot motif to stay as abstract as possible.

senior side with cloak

He walks the Earth

Dot Munny Walking are Ongoing

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