Sumi vs Steel

A Complex Jungle

I propose a nuanced navigable place set off by damaged, distorted grids of metal and paper; a space of silver and white as meditative as a labyrinth, as modern as it is minimal, and as mysterious a secret passage.

Sumi Versus Steel

Sumi vs Steel Beta 2

An ongoing work, content below currently comes from a proposal yet to manifest. The final work will culminate in an interactive space/installation.

Viewer Experience

A viewer may meander through the space admiring the audacity of fusing paper to metal to describe a plane’s behavior in space. Finding bits of binary, a viewer may scavenge the message. A viewer may; they do not have to. They will see steel morph off the wall as well as little hovels of sanctuary that surround them in the work. There will be no distinct path, but there will be interruption. The pieces that will make up the experience are randomly distorted. Alterations are only for stability. Smaller parts may poke out in odd ways, forcing the viewer to consider their presence amongst the jungle of metal and paper.

Contemporary Art Conversation

The work folds into the contemporary art conversation in an abstract take on having digital elements in an art work.  The digital is present, but not powered; represented but not advertised. It is a comment on such media’s impermanence as it translates to durable metal. The installation also creates complex visuals yet maintains a minimal aesthetic.

Sumi vs Steel Beta 2 angle

Each one has a bit string.


My signature is established, especially in the aforementioned decorative binary patterns discretely added to each work. My own minimal style delivers the point quickly yet doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness. There are layers of conceptualism from Chaos Theory and Contemporary Art, to Computer Science and reaction to resources.

Sumi vs Steel Beta 3

Some might be more straightforward than others.


Sumi Versus Steel awaits a large space

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