Own Your Own

Period & Apostrophe
1"w x 1.75"d x 12"h
Steel, Plastic, Wood

Period & Apostrophe

Stand alone displays

Small, yet elegant stands for this and another work help patrons visualize the piece in their home.

There isn’t much to say abut these little pieces. They are at once each their own piece, while at the same time a display of how one of the 75 Discrete Packets might look should a patron buy one separately from that piece. There are fancier clips to hold it to the steel stand, but these broke when I stepped an them accidentally while setting put the photos. The binder clip is a stop-gap measure. The stand sits comfortably on a mantel or tall enough shelf. The aesthetic of 75 Discrete Packets continues in the matte black stand as well as retaining focus on the packet itself.

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