Sci-Fi Collage

Copper cut tacks and stainless steel staples on Sumi ink soaked canvas board with gloss finish.


Morebits: Van Stockum Cylinder

Van Stockum Cylinder

These works started with a connotation of something dark, and that… didn’t really work out. They began to embody what is probably an unhealthy obsession with the idea of time travel. Science nerd that I am, I have several books that look at astrophysics, quantum entanglement, and even articles where the journalist tracked down literal astrophysicists and asked them directly what it would take to move across or alter the arrow of time.

Time Consuming

Embedded with a fascination of time travel

The works are named for a time travel vessel theorized by aforementioned astrophysicists. I was also just beginning to evolve the idea of binary decoration and wanted to keep that consistent. A bit is composed of a combination of 8 1s and 0s, and since I was making these binary patterns, I had to have a series of 8. in order to round out the numbers, I added Tardis, Delorean, and Jules Verne. I thought these were recognizable enough in pop culture, and their some of my most favorite Science Fiction stories. In case it’s unclear: Tardis is Doctor Who, Delorean is the time traveling car fro Back to The Future I, II, & III, and Jules Verne is, well, Jules Verne. This is because his story ‘The Time Machine’ actually coined the term ‘time machine’. The device itself has no other name.

Bit Patterns

Additionally, these pieces gave me enough practice to know what I’m doing (kind of) with the binary patterns, and my designer side applied itself in one important respect. Building up to these pieces I had made several tack/staple ‘sketches’, and realized some essential aspects to continue this trait in the rest of my future work. To express the binary pattern, I would need my representation of 1s and 0s to meet some basic characteristics: abundance, affordability, durability, and scale. A visit to Amazon and a few boating websites (believe it or not) worth of research later, I had staples and tacks. The considerations of these as an artist and designer is for another page or post, but in the end Morebits solidified the elements for future works.

Morebits: Jules Verne

Jules Verne, because the time machine he wrote of wasn’t ever actually named in the the book.

Off Shoot

fairy and flower

Flower: Made exclusively for an absinthe legalization anniversary party.

Only once did a piece of this nature grow into a more elaborate collage. I had been asked to submit a work for a unique, private event celebrating the anniversary of ┬áthe legalization of absinthe in the US. the event wasn’t small, but fascinatingly obscure. As an invite only masquerade I was dubious, but since I was asked to create a work that stood as my invite. It was a private, clandestine affair which I still hold as a dear experience. The piece was sold, but was taken at the end of the evening (morning by that point, anyway). Taped to the piece was a very ornate letter encouraging me to keep working and to let ‘Flower’ serve as an inspiration. Very surreal.

Morebits: Kerr Ring

Kerr Ring

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