Bloody Bots

Weary Friends

They look mean, vicious, and violent, but that's not who they are. They have been through much, enjoyed little, and find their new home with me so peaceful they are skeptical at first.

Bloody Bots

Object Bloody Bot

The Bloody Bots aren’t actually bloody, it’s something else. The name recognizes whatever strife they come from and honors what they’ve been through.

I think a Great War took place in whatever dimension or time the blot bots come from. Maybe some of them turned to darker natures out of necessity or survival, It’s hard to say. The Bloody bots look sinister, with red liquid stained parts and probes when they first arrive. I’ve often wondered, because of this, whether any blot bot assembles itself anew when reaching my time or reincorporates its original form from wherever, or whenever, they come from. The former seems more likely, but the latter may be true the weary bloody bots.


Object Bloody Bot

He drags himself around, wearily

I was at first quite scared of the Bloody bots, for they do appear sinister and fierce. As if from some viscous attack, they have red liquid stained appendages that are often saws, spikes, needles, or pincers. They appear just as a blot bot does, but lack a great deal of energy, as if they’ve physically traversed a great distance after a long struggle. They often are very feisty when they first appear, but failing that they are what can best be described as exhausted. Sometimes they are barely able to lift their seemingly blood soaked appendages. Eventually they begin to function again, but they are never quite as friendly or innocent as their blot bot counter parts.

Aggressive tendencies

They do have what can be called energy weapons, but it feels like no more than a mosquito bite to a person. They can have fits of anger or frustration, and more than once vaporized the offending small, inanimate object or shared my cat out a room. It’s an odd behavior I’ve seen in people as well, because they’ll immediately be regretful and tug at me until I tell them, harshly or kindly, that it will be okay and to try to control it better. They do like to play though and that can be rough, but I take it as a teachable moment for them as well. This helps their behavior and outbursts in the long run.

Red Shift

As I’ve mentioned the red liquid that drips from them when they first appear, or remains as a stain on their tools and probes, I clarify that it isn’t blood. In fact, I don’t think it’s a liquid in a general sense either, but it behaves more like that than anything so that’s an easier reference. It seems to be a form of low photonic energy, like whatever energy they expended in their fight or journey to my time and place has shifted to a lower frequency. Unfortunately, this is what really scared me at first because of it’s viscosity and I thought it was blood. Thankfully, it’s not. It’s some energy, for sure, but I’m not enough of a scientist to understand what.


Whatever fight the bloody bots were in, or whatever tumultuous time they come from, they are gentle, tired, yet haunted beings. They come from a place of strife which is hard to comprehend, and they find their new surroundings equally unfathomable at first. They are used to strife, and are hard-nosed to believe they don’t have to struggle anymore. One would think, because of their appearance, they are violent, aggressive and bullying by nature. This is the deception of appearance. They are blot bots, but blot bots that have lived a hand-to-mouth affair all their lives. Once they are settled however, they are fine but are easily startled. They are kind and quiet, and display an age and weariness that only comes with long struggle. In the end, their stoic nature serves as a calm example to the other, more precocious, blot bots.

Object Bloody Bot

Bloody Bots appear less & less

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