Art Bits

Art Bits

Conceived both as a play on words, but also indicative of the meaning of the piece itself. Applying meaning to aesthetic pattern allows meaning to tie directly visuals.

As I researched and developed the over simplification of the 1 & 0 binary system to a the visual line and circle, I began to research how to inject meaning in the emerging aesthetic. Art Bits is a first, if not the first, implementation of the line circle system, and presents it as the primary feature of the pieces framed by an antiquated decoratively curved brass panel. They are mounted on tiny, 3” x 4” stretched canvases coated in an iridescent/micaceous iron Oxide. This piece is also the beginnings of the darker forms of the aesthetic involving blacks and grays. The stronger color presences of copper and orange, as well as steel and gray, from the tacks and staples would become more prominent later.

Like many other pieces, each can stand on its own or be divided up in various numbers. Doing this, of course, fragments the meaning across multiple locations. In any case, once a series such as this divided up, a key is also delivered—not the key to their own piece, but to another patron’s.

Art Bits Were Just the Beginning

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