Pure Composition

Abstract Charcoal Drawings
18"x24" (Usually Vertical)
Charcoal/White Chalk on Rough Press watercolor paper
2009 - Present

Abstract Drawings

There isn’t much to say about these. I enjoy charcoal as a drawing medium and often employ masking tape to retain true whites. My favorite paper/substrate is Rives BFK or drawing on an Arches Rough Press Watercolor Block, I really can’t decide. Because of these 2 fancy standbys, most drawings are 18”x24”.

These are free-form and formally playful. There are no hidden or interpretive thought processes in these. They come from odd places, such as a very small Post-It note sketch, or the mere question of how broadly I can deal with the pure white of the paper left behind by masking tape. Spheres, flowing forms and gradients are the flavor for these.

The inspiration for these are largely compositional, suggesting atmospheres, playing with solid regular forms (spheres, triangles, etc.). I also deal with hard angles and slopes, and attempt to approach abstract visualizations based on my fall back concepts of Complexity and Chaos. I’ve never actually engaged an actual plan or concept for these to start with, but instead like to ‘lose time’ as it were in a zen-like sense.

The only one ever to be titled is one completed in 2015 December. In January 2016 Sir David Bowie died, & his name seemed to fit.

Abstract Drawings are on going

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