Mini Art 01

Readymade Art Miniature 01

A tiny game

Occasionally, I find and collect small things of interest. Sometime ago as a little kid, I found or bought this little red plastic box. It was a favorite trinket, and it stayed with me for some reason. Years later–like decades–I came across a unique card game. This card game required the assemblage of pirate ships from die-cut cards in the pack. A player earned parts by rolling tiny dice included with each pack. The dice also served other purposes like journey steps, hit points, etc. I had no interest in the game except for building the card cut-cut boats and the tiny dice. the boats I was able to assemble from various packs are now bathroom decorations.


I’m a fan of Yahtzee. It’s a good solo game, too. After I randomly put the dice in this little box, I decided to roll with it. I trimmed an already narrow Post-It pad to fit in the box (like the kind used for bookmarks). Then I cut down a good pen and reworked the ink cartridge to be much smaller. While they are both usable, they really just exist to complete the look. A player needs to write really, really, really, small so use it.

Mini Yahtzee game with scale

A US Dime (10¢) for scale

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