Supply Truck

Tangerine Tagalong

Some how, while taking a break from a different build, this truck got built. Focusing on the orange bins, I used other classic pieces to create this. I'm not sure it's necessarily tied to the other build but it is thematically.

Orange supply truck feature image

Tangerine Tagalong

Tangerine truck feature image

This is an unofficial companion piece to a different, more involved independent star fighter. The pilot and the mechanic fancy this bright orange color. However it happens, this truck goes where ever the ship goes. Both mechanic and pilot find it useful to have their vehicles coated in such an obnoxious color. It’s flashy, sure, but it’s easy to find in a crowded spaceport hanger. They’re also a lot harder to steal. Even this truck, though fairly typical in maintenance terms, is just a little different from the rest if repainted.

Transit Jumping

Transit Systems™ are a little different in many of my fictional worlds. When one Transits™, one jumps from one site to another nearly instantaneously. Transit Portals™ consist of two holes in space/time linked at the quantum level. There is no ‘tube’ between them, and they aren’t wormholes, per say, though they are often referred to as tunnels. Trouble is, in order to Transit™ somewhere, someone must’ve already created a linking system on the destination end as well. To get anywhere by Transit™, one needs to have already been there. They take such energy that planet-to-planet Transit Systems™ can really only be used by something human sized or smaller. While this is great for commerce and interplanetary relations, it does little for exploration.

Somehow the Tangerine Tagalong can do it though, driver and all. It’s probably due to how much power the ship itself can harness. The starship will get to a destination, power link to a Transit System™ and open a Transit Portal™ just long enough (and big enough) for the Tagalong to literally tagalong. To expedite matters, and keep power to a minimum, the tagalong drives on some empty stretch very fast, the Transit Portal™ opens, the truck zips through, and the portal closes instantly behind it. The whole event takes place in a few seconds.

top rear view of tangerine truck

Get under the hood and fix it.


Pilot and Mechanic

These guys share an awesome pact, and not many, if any, know how or why they are so deiced to each other. Some assume it’s familial, other think they’re a couple, but they both don’t seem to mind. With the Transit™ situation above, some speculate that they possess some aberrant mental link. This last theory is as bonkers as it is astonishing because such a link would have to persist regardless of distance. The link would be at once horrifying in its power and astonishing in its pervasiveness.

Build History

As stated in the summary at the top, I was working on a starship that was getting really involved, and as a break I created this truck. Since the starship’s color theme was largely orange, I used parts that I knew I either wouldn’t use or already discounted from the model. The orange cabinet and drawer elements, which are the features here, come from Lego Harry Potter set 4723 Diagon Alley Shops; the rest of the orange bits are anybody’s guess. Those parts, as well as the other colored elements come from sets old and new alike. The orange hood slope is a bit newer, but the whole white element car frame itself probably comes from something like Classic Space set 6890 Cosmic Cruiser, or even Classic Town set 6698 RV with Speedboat. Truth is I have a few of these chases parts in various colors, so it’s had to say. This proved a fun little build from the more complex one I was continually tweaking at the time. They pair well together.

front of tangerine truck with closeup of mini figure  
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