Little Sputterer

Sometimes I take a minimalist construction approach to my Lego ideas. Not a minimalist look—all though that often turns out to be the case—but a minimal build. I ask, "What are the least amount of pieces I can use to make an identifiable vehicle?"

tiny lego plane feature image

Little Sputterer

3/4 view of tiny lego plane

This little guy (the plane not the pilot) sputters around the skies in low altitude ease. Nicknamed ‘Little Sputterer’, it’s actually quite quiet. He doesn’t need a lot of runway either, just enough to get to lift speed… which is about as fast as it goes anyway. More of a travel plane, a pilot can’t really run errands in it. The small scale makes weight a huge issue, naturally. Still, it gets you where you need to go without too much traffic.

Build History

This is the first one of it’s kind and probably over 23 years old. The simple challenge I gave myself was to create an airplane that could still hold a mini figure AND still look like a plane. I love this little creation because it was kind of my first authentic design challenge I ever gave myself by which I could knowing sort out achievable design solutions:

  • hold mini figure
  • look like a plane
  • minimal pieces
  • aesthetically effective to accentuate mini-ness
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