Red Flyer

Skimming Asteroids

Another LEGO sketch. Building small like this helps concentrate on what the tiny details of the small parts can abstractly represent. I can't create such things and not build a tiny narrative around it, though.


Little Red Flyer

Pilot on board

Lately, I’ve built really small and minimal. I don’t consciously try, so perhaps they’re LEGO sketches of a sort. This guy came together rather nicely. Lots of unique red pieces I set aside for random reasons, and often in pairs, became part of the challenge. The best part, I think, was to use a slightly curved controller unit¬†as the main nosecone.


This is a light gravity, single person transport and scout ship. It is meant for quick errands from a research dig to the main colony/base on a non-atmosphere bearing planet. The ship flies via a combination of small ion induction drives and gravity repulsers. Though suited to low gravity environments, it can serve on standard atmospheric conditions though with shorter range.

Pilot disembarking

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