Micro Fleet

Massive Generality

Most sets are built to 'Mini Figure' scale: the scale of LEGO's traditional yellow-headed heroes. below that is Microscale, which challenges a builder to make broad abstractions of minute detail in order to imply further detail. Hooks and clips as landing gears, slopes as cockpits, and that kind of thing.

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Microscale Space Fleet

Standard Fleet Deployment

There is a following of builders who go below the scale of the typical mini figure sets to produce microscale sets. these cute and very well done models are sometimes vehicles, vignettes, and even buildings or city blocks. Sometimes, as I hunt for pieces, I set aside other pieces that either would help or are just interesting. Invariably, some of these pieces as well as those I thought I needed, go unused. Not wanting to cast them back into my Piece Pit right away, I reserve them to play and build with.

Hospital Ship

Starting at the rear of the Strike Group Formation is the Medical Frigate. Which is covered by the Cruisers and the Dreadnaught for heavy protection as the wounded are ferried in smaller shuttles. It has defensive capabilities itself as well as being heavily armored. The bright colors allow for easy identification in combat for those parties behaving more ethically in wartime.

Command Carrier

The Command Carrier of the group is a fearsome Dreadnaught Class behemoth. Heavily armored, it floats ominously within the strike group. the forbidding size and color make it at once a target, but more so inviting decent strategists know not to engage them directly. Capable of housing multiple squadrons of single fighters, troop transports, terrain deployment vessels, and foothold bases; one Command Carrier’s ability to capture a planet of even medium air defense capability frightens local populaces. This says nothing of it’s atmosphere penetrating armaments to provide cover for larger payloads.

Often the Command Carrier will separate from the group with the Medical Frigate to lie in wait or conquer the local planet’s nears populate satellite or colony. With the cover provided by individual fighters, the only effective way to take out a Command Carrier is sacrifice numbers squadrons in suicide missions or some how infiltrate the ranks fro the inside.

Dreadnought Class Command Carrier

Dreadnought Class Command Carrier

Dreadnought Class Command Carrier

Dreadnought Class Command Carrier Rear View

Heavy Cruisers

Cruiser Class starship pair

Cruiser Class Starship Pair

A pair of heavy Cruisers usually flanks the Command Carrier, one on either side. These are also massively fortified and have a capacity to carry a squadron of fighters or troop deployment vehicles. One easily dominates a small colony if necessary. While the Command Carrier can hold it’s own, the addition of these Cruiser Class vessels essentially form a non-orbiting defensive space station. If the Command Carrier is a capital city, then these are other major metropolitan areas by size. Their maneuvering capability surprises attackers as it’s assumed they move slow. They don’t.

Striker Vessel

This vessel is purely an offensive, highly maneuverable combat corvette. While Squadrons can dock and deploy after repairs, this vessel holds its own. Also often used as an escort ship, this ship’s dynamics make it perfect for delivery of dignitaries from the Command Cruiser and back. It is also fully capable of atmospheric combat and is highly maneuverable even with gravitational pull and air pressure.

Corvette Class Fighter Vessel
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