Gull Wing


Another Model design in LEGO's Digital Designer, featuring gulling wing doors, a hatch back, tough design and an anonymous driver.

Lego Gull Wing Feature Image

LDD Gull Wing Car

gull wing car 3/4 view

Another creation using LEGO’s old Digital Designer. I think the software was great, if anything because one could order the parts for the model you designed. This car got a bit clunky as I attempted to design gull wing doors as well as approach some semblance of an early Dodge Magnum or Charger.

Like a Delorean

This guy has also suffered from some of my scavenger habits. The challenges came in the doors and tailgate. I become obsessed with streamlining elements sometimes. I enjoy a well built model no matter what, but if I can make more studs disappear, the better many times. This is why there are so many smooth plates that make this car more bulky. The mini figure scale was also an issue, as well as the door handle. One thing I found interesting with the LEGO software was the limited library of parts it provided. I’m not sure what economics or what determined the inventory selection, but some pieces weren’t available. This made for a fun and intriguing challenge sometimes.

Gangster Style

As stated, part of the goal of this car was to impart a sense of the Dodge Magnum and/or Charger circa 2005-2008. I really liked the Dodge Magnum, but yes, I’m aware it’s a Glorified Grocery Getter. I had a wagon as my first car, and it proved eminently more useful than a pickup (I studied sculpture after all). Also, I found an added challenge in the design and creation of sculptures that I eventually transported in said wagon. I began approaching design because of this since I planned the sculptures in parts. This allowed the art to be flat packed IKEA style in my wagon and taken anywhere. Would a truck have been better? Maybe. I think trucks are weird. When not transporting anything, and just commuting, you only use like 3rd of the vehicle at 2-3 times the gas mileage. I like wagons because the ‘bed’ remains covered and protected from the environment.

Left facing side view of Gull wing car
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