Flame Ship

Mercurian Flame Ship

A ship born in fire shall be lost in the same. From a collapsed science lab on the planet closest to our sun comes a tough colony's legendary hero. In the heat of battle, this ship could melt it's foe with maneuvers alone.

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Mercurian Flame Ship

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“A ship born in fire shall be lost in the same.” so the legend goes. Upon a science lab’s advancement into a full fledged colony on Mercury, a great hero arose. The say is not as negative as one might think. With special alloys merged only in the hottest forges in the solar system, the ship was born in fire. ‘Lost in the same’ for the Mercurians means the when this hero’s job is done shall it disappear.


Many holes in the the sides of the ship help distribute heat as well as allow for power distribution. The black portions of the vessel aren’t paint, they’re charred alloy. Rest assured, this ship can out run anything in the system. Assembled and fused on Mercury’s only colony, the ship withstands multiple forms of abuse from blaster fire to atmospheric entry temperature. It does this without any external energy shielding. The alloys it’s composed of seem to just absorb heat and indirect energy.

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Build History

The name came after the ship was built. I think I built it around 2001 or so, maybe earlier. It was a very early attempt at getting color consistency right. There’s definitely a Blacktron 1 wedge in the front. The translucent orange elements come from Space Ice Planet 2002 set 6834 Celestial Sled. Don’t let the theme fool you, it was released in 1993, not 2002. The only other significant pieces I can recall are the semi-sloped large black pieces at the back. They are fromĀ Aquazone set 2160 Crystal Scavenger. The red canopy comes from a Space Police 1 set of some kind, and the black fins on the sides comes from some Legoland plane set or Space theme set.

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