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Dropship Racer

Dropships (no space) are different from Drop ships, but the military principle is relatively the same. In recent decades, as their tactical prowess wanes, civilians create a sport.


Dropship Racer


Those familiar with science fiction are familiar with a Drop Ship. It’s meant to crash through the atmosphere, land, and deploy a host of troops on the ground. In my world, however, Dropships (notice no space) are highly maneuverable, multi-altitude fighters deployed from a mothership. The ships pierce the atmosphere vertically at tremendous speed, level out, and proceed to strafe as many targets as possible. They possess powerful engines and thrusters. They have usually extremely long and narrow with the cockpit pushed either nearly or all the way to the rear–like an automobile with a fast-back design.

The Racers

Dropship Racer

It’s a speed demon

As with any military tactic, defensive measures curtailed the dropship’s effectiveness. Used less and less, Dropships made their way into the civilian world as an extreme sport. Racers docked their ships in a converted mothership, and deployed en masse over an undisclosed planet. Then, racers lance the atmosphere and proceed to circumnavigate the globe at low altitude; due to the high speed at which the ships break the atmosphere and gravity taking over. They must avoid geographical obstacles. An untrained pilot could clip a mountain and crash into the planet’s ocean. A complete novice most likely rams straight into the surface after breaking the atmosphere.

Build History

I recall there’s definitely pieces form the first Star Wars Lego A-Wing Fighter set 7134. The larger black wings come from maybe Space Police set 6986 Mission Commander. Various slopes and plates, as well as the translucent yellow-green elements could be from anywhere. I came up with the idea of the racer before building the ships, but I did know I wanted an overly long body and small rear cockpit. There were other variations of Dropships, but they gave their lives for other builds. This one was always my favorite.

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