Blue Icer

Convertible Outpost

A ship meant to land and be a temporary outpost. Clusters of them can land and exist as residences for their pilots as they work to build a lab or colony.

Ice Blue feature image

Blue Icer Outpost Ship

The outpost ship is a long distance solo exploration vessel. Meant to be sent I fleets, or clusters, they enter a system and explore its planets and moons. If an atmosphere bearing planet is registered, the ship lands and quickly converts to a small shelter so the pilot can explore the terrain.


Once landed, the transformation takes place in a few small steps. While not many creature comforts are provided, the outpost retains effective signaling capability and impressive environmental resilience. The sides of the cockpit work as doors in outpost mode. The tail assembly provides excellent protection from weather and assault as well.

Build History

The translucent blue elements definitely come from the Space Futuron set 6990┬áMonorail Transport System, as are the white controls used here for thrusters. Many of the gray and blue slopes and wings are from who knows where. I’m pretty sure the classic space emblem wide slope comes from Space Classic set 6890 Cosmic Cruiser, but I could be wrong. This model irks me. Various things didn’t work out and I got frustrated, but in the end it’s a good model. The goal for the build was to work out how to get the thin, normally vertical translucent blue pieces to come together horizontal as a nose cone. Once that was worked out, I decided to try to accentuate the achievement by making a convertible model. After that, the tail assembly moving to the front was kind of an after thought.

level view of ice blue shieldp
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