Mythical Organizations

I think of a name, product, or service.
I base an attitude, personality, & value system on that.
I create visual collateral & content reflective of these.
I purchase a reasonable, affordable domain name & publish it all.

Mythical Organizations

Intrigued by the psychology & context of how a personality is identifiable & believable, I investigate & create to study them.

The binary you followed to receive this page literally translates as “dp.”

You have successfully navigated to the hidden purpose behind the previous site. The site that led you here is not a real organization (which you may have noticed since some deeper links simply do not connect to anything), but an experiment in design, usability, identity, and coding. It was created by dpstudiolab in an effort to further practice and maintain a presence and skill in the design field. All aspects have been created by dpstudiolab from design to content in order to understand and implement the ideas laid out in the site from conception to completion, except wherein research lead to an effective pre-made template or script to expidite development. In these cases comments of original authors have been kept intact. You may visit the published sites’ documentation in the Portfolio section of this site.

Thank you for visiting.



Sites of Pure Fiction

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